Nintendo ds lite will not play games slot 1

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Not that common a problem. Have one on my desk at the moment with the same problem. It seems that the game bent two of the contacts in the card reader (ds lite game section -slot 1). I opened the slot and straightened the two pins and this solved the problem. Be careful if you are doing this as it is quiet tricky with a good few small parts. Which should i choose, Nintendo DSi or DS Lite? | Yahoo ... I want to buy a DS but i don't know whether to choose DSi or DS Lite. I have a GBA SP and it's really not a problem to carry it around when i want to play a game, and i heard that the GBA games on the DS are a little messy in terms of display... The only thing that has stopped me from buying a DSi is the lack of GBA slot, but since i have a GBA SP that shouldn't be a problem, should it? SOLVED: Why is my DS slot 1 not working? - Nintendo DS ... Why is my DS slot 1 not working? My DS on some day in August 2010 i put Pokemon Diamond in to my DS and then it's not working! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM I'M DESPRATE! Nintendo DSi not reading games fix - YouTube One gold connectors pin lower than the rest can cause an R4i card not to be detected when inserted, but will read an original ds game because of the alignment groves at the base the original ds ...

What is the slot called on the bottom on a DS Lite? Just got back playing with my DS Lite, and just wanna ask are there like any mods or roms like that?

Nintendo DS Lite & NDS 1st Game Cart Cartridge Slot... |… Original Game Cartridge Card Slot Reader Headphone Jack Port Replace for Switch.Replacement Upper Top LCD Screen Display Fix Part for Nintendo NDS DS Lite. Nintendo DS Lite Slot 1 Card Socket Game Reader

Which should i choose, Nintendo DSi or DS Lite?

For example, the European version of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow only works with the European version of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Unfortunately since the Nintendo DSi does not have a slot for Game Boy Advance games, these extra features cannot be accessed unless they have already been activated by using a Nintendo DS or DS Lite.

How to Browse the Internet on Your Nintendo DS: 10 Steps

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