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I would like to present the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel guide. I hope that informations contained in this text will help you in rescuing another world from theIn addition, two most important minor missions have been described in a very detailed way. Places, that are worth seeing - it means shrines, mini-bosses...

Jan 03, 2009 · Sacred 2: Fallen Angel — Character development January 3, 2009 — srikalanna Combat arts in Sacred II. ... However, the number of combat art slots available for casting at any given time is limited (increasing as you level from one to four), so you must be as selective with combat arts as with skills. One factor that mitigates this is ... Sacred 2: Fallen Angel | Sacred Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) Effects the strength and regeneration of Combat Arts Shrunken Head Grants weapon and armor bonues to Dryads ... For this reason, it is wise on the PC to either mix strong relics together, or, divide the 12 slots into quarters, and equip 3 of each kind of relic (3 red, 3 blue, 3 ... Sacred 2:Combat Arts - SacredWiki

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Combat Arts are the basic game-play units in Fallen Angel and are commonly called CAs by many players. They are the equivalent of skills and spells in other games. There are a number of Combat Arts in Sacred 2, with each character being able to learn all 15 available Combat Arts if they choose to do so. Weapon and Combat Art "slots"? - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel May 11, 2009 · This really refers to how Sacred 2 worked on PC before it was ported to consoles. On PC you started with just 1 slot to equip weapons, and 1 for combat arts. If you wanted to use another weapon or different combat art you would need to change it through a menu. Sacred 2:Combo - SacredWiki

2. I'm not too experienced with the game and it has been a while since ... where you have many many abilities but not enough combat art slots.

In Sacred 2 the term "Buff" refers to a specific type of Combat Art that affects the player in a positive manner over a period of time. Sacred:Interface - SacredWiki 2. By using the TAB key, you can access a more detailed overview - the Sacred:Mini Map - which depicts your immediate surroundings only.

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Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel is set a millennium before the date of the original Sacred, and creates a unique fantasy experience that will fascinate every player with a seamless 3D world that can be explored alone as well as online together with friends. Length: 0:00.